Review: Stoke Place, Buckinghamshire

This was the first weekend away that I had fully organised on my own, so I did tons of research and found this adorable 17th century country house turned hotel, set just far enough out of London that it was the perfect escape.


My boyfriend had just gotten back to London from a few months away and we were celebrating his birthday/Christmas/our first anniversary all at once so I wanted something as relaxing and exciting as possible while not breaking the bank. Luckily I came across Stoke Place on Secret Escapes, and because they’re pretty empty between Christmas and New Year, we got a really good deal.

When we arrived, I was honestly a little nervous – it was really the middle of nowhere, and the part of Slough that we drove down looked a little run down. But the second we got onto the property, we were both blown away. The house was absolutely beautiful and the estate is huge!

Only disappointment – the Christmas tree was not very happy… (it stayed that was for the whole visit)


We were put in one of the newly refurbished cottages just by the front gate, and although it had less of a hotel feel, it was actually really nice being away from hustle and bustle.

Our room was great, and the bath was amazing (I think I took about 4 baths in 3 days..)


PS: I was of course using Lush bath bombs, my favourite is Avobath but in this photo I was using their Christmas Present bomb which is a lot more fun 🙂

We were ridiculously excited when we noticed the bed in breakfast cards!! So there was no question about where we were going to spend our mornings…


They even dropped off Love Actually on DVD so that we could watch it that evening!


We didn’t try the hotel’s restaurant because it was pretty expensive and didn’t have the best reviews, so we went straight for burgers at the bar. Still pretty expensive but it was a nice burger! And we loved the atmosphere so went back the next morning for coffees and scrabble 🙂

IMG_6980Tip: great pub down the street called The Red Lion which was perfect for the cold winter night, great food and open fire! Sorry I didn’t take any photos!

On our last day we went into Windsor and spent a great time walking around the castle and the town.


Overall, it was an amazing weekend (although I was maybe a little biased by the lovely company). The service was very kind and helpful, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a weekend away from the city.

Tip: Don’t forget the Llamas in the garden!!! (I’m not kidding.)



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