Lush Favourites

Since I started working I’ve been finding lots of new ways to relax after a long day. My favourite so far: glass of wine, bubble bath, Scandal.

This is why I thought it might be time to walk you all through my must have Lush products.

I’ve been using Lush since I moved to Brighton in 2010 and have slowly found my favourite go to shopping basket.

They also have some really cool seasonal products that only come round at certain times of the year, like the Christmas Present I told you about over the holidays, so I’ll make sure to keep you updated about those when they come round!

 Karma Soap:

This was my first Lush love. It makes my whole bathroom smell amazing, and it even comes in a bubble bar which I always have crumbled somewhere at the bottom of my bath box! The Karma scent is so special, it always makes me feel like I’m that bit closer to an exotic holiday.

 Avobath Bomb:

This one is probably my favourite bath bomb that they sell. Although it’s not as fun as some of the ones with crazy shapes and colours, it smells so nice and fresh without being to citrus-y and turns the bath into a lovely light green. It also doesn’t dry out my skin which I’ve had with some bath products in the past so I would recommend this to any other eczema sufferers out there. This one really is perfect for my Shonda Rhimes evenings 🙂

 You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt:

Another great one for after a long day, this one also has one of my favourite scents, and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft. It’s full of mango butter and cocoa butter so it’s super hydrating. I sometimes break it in half – wouldn’t necessarily recommend this though, it’s honestly just because I want it to last as long as possible!

Sex Bomb:

I actually bought this one as a joke for my brother but ended up keeping it because it was so lovely! It smells like jasmine and is meant to ease stress and anxiety. A bath in general does that to me, to be honest, but a bright pink bath that smells heavenly – why not?


Pink pink pink! This adorable bath bomb is exactly what it says: twilight. A light pink outer shell dissolves and turns your bath darker and darker until it’s purple! So calming and relaxing, this is definitely one for before bed, or if you’re not feeling well. Meant to be full of essential oils too

Dragon’s Egg :

would recommend this one for a morning bath – it’s so fun and sizzly, with tons of colours inside so it’s really just a happy bath bomb J Perfect for a difficult wake up!

Test these out and let me know what you think! 🙂

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