Neal’s Yard Almond Oil

I’ve been struggling with eczema for the past few years. It randomly started while I was at Uni, mostly under my eyes and then spread around them. That’s where it’s usually most painful, but it does pop up every once in a while on my hands or other places on my face.
My skin doctor prescribed me some of the usual steroid cream for it, and a sort of placebo cream so that I could wean myself off the steroid cream when the eczema stopped appearing. This worked for a little while but eventually I couldn’t go two or three days without the steroid cream before the eczema returned.
I’ve tried all sorts of sensitive skin creams, E45s, eye creams and even cream especially made for eczema and some would help prevent the eczema from getting worse but not for long.
Randomly, my mom recently when to our Belgian doctor for a skin irritation that she couldn’t get rid of. Weirdly enough, the doctor said that actually sweet almond oil, which is usually used as a massage oil, should be able to clear it up. She tried it, and the irritation was gone within days, and she immediately recommended I try it.
I’ve been a big fan of Neal’s Yard Remedies for years, and so on my search for almond oil, it was my first stop. The lady in the store was really helpful and showed me straight to the sweet almond oil, and even mentioned that her mother uses it as a makeup remover. It was £9.50 but the bottle was quite big – 100ml – so I’m hoping it will last me a long time.IMG_8002

After putting my night cream on that evening, I added a little of the oil to a cotton pad and dabbed it around where the eczema usually appears. I was a bit reluctant at first because it’s a very thick, oily substance and it felt a bit heavy on my skin. However, it was really worth it. The next morning, the eczema had noticeably gone down, and my eyes were so much less itchy and dry for the whole day. I would very much recommend this to anyone suffering from eczema, or even dry skin. Supposedly Jennifer Aniston uses it as a body moisturiser!

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