A quick chatty video about why I’m gluten free and how it’s changed my life. Hope you enjoy the recipes and food tips, and let me know down below whether you have any specific diet or low carb questions.

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xx Rebecca

WEEKEND IN SUSSEX | Rebecca Sophie

Sorry I had to repost – but have added in some extra slime and bubbles!!
Weekend visiting the family in Sussex – covered in slime and bubbles 🙈 We had such a fun time playing with the kids outside in the sunny weather! Neverending games…

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FITNESS HAUL | Rebecca Sophie

Hi All 🙂 Here’s a glimpse into the new fitness clothes I’ve been buying recently to keep up with my weekly boxfit classes and occasional yoga sessions (full video down below).

I stopped sports for a while because I was pretty overwhelmed at work and found it really difficult to pick it up again. Luckily my local community centre started boxfit classes once a week and it was a great group of women coming together to motivate each other.

I also finally joined the gym which I go to every Sunday. I mostly use the elliptical just to get some energy out but am trying to be a bit more broad with the machines I use etc.

Finally, I’ve been finding yoga particularly helpful since I started box fit. It not only helps unwind but I feel like I need to do it regularly now, even just a half hour session, to stretch out my shoulders and legs which sometimes feel super stiff after boxfit!

Let me know what you think of my new purchases and if you recommend any other activity that I haven’t mentioned – always up for  a new challenge!

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Guy Fawkes in Sussex! [Vlog]

As you probably know, I’ve been trying to get more creative recently (mid-year resolution). Having already worked on my sketching and gardening, this month I decided to pick up my dad’s camera and make little videos/vlogs of recent weekend trips.

Hopefully you’ve already seen last week’s Brighton vlog (click here if you haven’t) but this weekend my family and I joined up at my grandmother’s house in Sussex to visit the Littlehampton bonefire and parade along the beach! An amazing bonfire too… Hope you enjoy!

Terre à Terre, Brighton | Restaurant Review

During our recent day trip to Brighton, I was very excited to head back to my favourite vegetarian restaurant, Terre à Terre.  Although quite pricey for Brighton standards, I have great memories of coming here with friends during uni and having the sharing platter as an entire meal – both because that was all we could afford and because it was plenty of food!


It’s a bit of a shame that they’re renovating the outside as I completely walked past the restaurant twice without spotting it, but once we finally walked in, I was immediately making Christmas lists from their wall of local honeys, oils and jams.


In order to not break tradition, we started with the sharing plate of baba ganoush, rice balls, fried tofu, kale, polenta fries… The list goes on. It was absolutely amazing but a rookie’s mistake as we were both completely full after this alone.




This was swiftly followed by a main of gluten free Thai rice balls on a peanut and kohl rabi salad which I still managed to finish somehow. Boyfriend on the other hand, went for the battered halloumi which was not amazing. It was nice how they made it look like fish & chips but it was very heavy and quite plain, especially compared to the dish that I ordered.



Overall, the meal as a whole did not disappoint. I wouldn’t recommend going for the battered halloumi but everything we saw on other tables looked amazing too. Friendly staff, organic beers, delicious wine, delicious food… We’ll be back soon 🙂

Check out my video on the whole day here:

4 lessons from turning 24


Last weekend I celebrated by 24th birthday at home in Belgium, and it was the first year that I felt a touch of nerves at not being able to avoid being an adult anymore. This has been the most fast-paced year I’ve had and although there have been a few tough moments, I feel like I’ve jumped from 15 to 24 and learnt an incredible amount along the way. Which is why I’ve listed below some of the things I wish I had known this time last year:

There’s no need to be perfect

Something I’ve been struggling with for way too long. I’ve learnt that I have created a very perfect person that I expect myself to be, and yet know that it’s impossible to achieve. At the end of the day, the people around you like you for who you are…. And the ones who don’t are probably just fighting their own demons and are welcome to go do that far away from you.

Don’t stress over things that haven’t happened yet

Because they honestly might not. My parents always told me this quote that went “My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened” and I’ve never related to it more. I’ve had entire weeks ruined because I’m stressed about something that might potentially go wrong at work. And whether it’s a future argument between colleagues or a project you really don’t want to work on – don’t waste your energy stressing on the would/should/coulds

You come first

Working full time in a busy (slightly crazy) environment has really taken its toll on me. At first, I took things at work so personally that every challenge felt like it was live or die, and if I couldn’t get something done well enough or on time, I was a failure. Luckily I noticed just in time that I was getting close to insanity, and with the help of my family I took the time to step back and reconsider where I was and what I was doing. Conclusion: my health, both mental and physical, is my priority – and at the end of the day the world will not stop turning if I’m not the hardest working employee that ever lived.

Nothing comes before family

Not really a new one, but a golden rule. I think that having moved around as kids really solidified my relationship with my brothers and my parents because we were all we had in strange new places. Living a country away from my parents now, I recognise more than ever that they’re my biggest fans.

Here’s to the next year of trying to follow these tips, I’ll let you know if I manage…!


Two Weeks in Sicily


Villa Elena was an absolute dream. Up at the top of a hill in the middle of rural Sicily – the villa had views over all of southern Sicily, and the pizza oven was definitely a plus too.


Arriving to my brothers swimming in the pool and my dad cooking pasta made it feel like we were definitely in Italy, and the jetlag (from waking up for a 5:00 flight) suddenly disappeared.

Days on end at the pool were so great, but I would have to say that the highlight of the trip was a day at the Masseria del Feudo vineyard – filled with endless food, wine and wine…!


To no surprise the food was definitey the highlight of the trip, and although I felt horrible from the sheer amounts of food that I ate on some days, I have to say that the gluten free pasta from a brand called Barilla was really the best pasta I’ve had in years – tastes like normal pasta.. Who would have thought?? (FYI: sunglasses are the RollRights from Taylor Morris)

img_20160910_191440Although September was pretty late for a summer holiday, it made for perfect pool weather, tanning on our golden swan, and tanning weather for a pale kid like me :)There was also a stunning daily sunset that turned all of the views into a dark orange!
img_1024I could have definitely gotten used to this lifestyle!img_2372


Home Comforts

There’s nothing better than a bundle of home comforts after a bad day at work. I’ve collated my most needed, most used and most loved for those times where you feel like you’d rather hide under the blankets and take a break from the world!

Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Candle:

One of  my favourite things to do when I walk in the door after a long day is to turn on the TV and light some candles. My favourite one this summer has no doubt been Aloha Orchid  from Anthropologie. It brings me straight back to lovely childhood memories of being on holiday, and makes my whole living room smell fresh and homey.



If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a slight coffee addict… My bright red Nespresso machine gets turned on first thing every morning, and is always the first step to a cosy moment at home.


The perfect way to zone out – turn Netflix on and get the sketchbook out. Pinterest usually works for some inspiration and I then go from there. I’m not particularly good at this but I like doing it and just hide all the really bad ones into my booklet 🙂



A bit of a new obsession since moving into a flat with a balcony, gardening is now my happy time 🙂 I started by growing a few little lavender and strawberry plants, and now I’m on to chilis, tomatoes, sunflowers… You get the picture.


Dealing with pretty regular and random bouts of anxiety can make me feel pretty horrible at times. Something that definitely helps manage my daily stress levels in particular is an app called Headspace. It’s free to download and has a 10 step guild to meditation (made easy). They’re each only 10 minutes so it’s not too difficult to dedicate the time. I usually do it just before leaving for work to help my overall frame of mind.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on 🙂