6 Autumn Beauty Essentials

Unsurprisingly, my birthday season is in my opinion one of the best times of year. What more could you ask for than pumpkin flavoured everything, orange leaves all over the ground and new hats and scarves! This does also mean that my skin gets very dry, very quickly. With dots of eczema here and there, I also have to be pretty careful with what I use, so I’ve gathered up my favourites so that hopefully you find a couple new favourites too!

  • La Roche-Posay Ultra Fine Scrub
    • One to use sparingly, this lovely little tub of scrub is great for sensitive skin. Most scrubs are quite harsh on my skin but this one is just soft enough that I feel like my face has been thoroughly cleansed but I haven’t scratched off an entire layer of skin…


  • Neal’s Yard Almond Oil
    • Now i know I’ve mentioned this one a few times on this blog already but it’s only because this is my skin saviour year on year. It’s the only thing that can manage my eczema and goes on perfectly after something like the scrub above.


  • Lush BIG Shampoo
    • A must have if you’re a fan of scented shampoos. I switch between this and more moisturising shampoos as I find this slightly dries out my hair (not always a bad thing) but the texture is so nice, with salt flakes that foam up. I also cannot begin to explain how good this smells – and you can really smell it even after having dried your hair, and the day after. No joke. I love this.


  • Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion
    • I got this as a gift from my aunt and didn’t use it for a while as I was getting through a big tub of Neutrogena that I was determined to finish up. I now wish I had switched to this ages ago. Although on the pricier side, this moisturiser is thick but not too thick, smells good but not too strong, sinks into the skin but not too much… You get the idea.


  • OGX Argan Oil shampoo
    • Like I was saying with the Lush shampoo, this is what I use when I feel my hair needs that extra little bit of love. I notice stronger and softer hair right after washing and I feel this really gives my hair the refresh that it needs when the weather keeps changing so much.


  • Origins Drink Up mask
    • Although I’m always tempted by that gorgeous gold Origins mask that peels off, I can’t help but reach for this one every time. After being sick for a few days recently I was completely dehydrated and overnight my skin dried out. Using this once before the shower and following it with a thin coat of my trusty E45 – good as gold.


Let me know what your top autumn picks are and please do check out my first autumn vlog below 🙂

Pharmacy Favourites:

Before I start this post I have to admit that I pick up most of my skincare products at Belgian pharmacies because they’re usually much cheaper, but you can find all of these in the UK somewhat easily, so I’ve added links to the cheapest UK prices for them throughout the post.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lait & Micellar Water:
I cannot recommend La Roche-Posay enough – their products are some of the only ones that I can be sure that my skin will not react to, and they always have a nice scent but nothing too strongly perfumed. I just feel very very clean after using these products.


Soap & Glory Smoothie Breakfast Scrub:
Not one for scrubs because of sensitive skin, I have begun using this on my legs no more than once a week and have really noticed smoother, softer skin. It also smells amazing… 🙂


OGX Coconut Milk:
This is the one product that I always save up my Boots points for! I have tried a few different OGX hair products and they’re all great – but this coconut milk shampoo & conditioner leaves my hair smelling amazing even the day after washing, and it really seems to nourish my hair without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling.


Neal’s Yard Refining Cleanser:
This is one of those lovely face washes that comes with a little muslin cloth, so you put it onto dry skin and then use the hot wet cloth to gently cleanse the skin. I have been using this for a couple months now and feel like it really works with my skin – gentle but still gives the impression if giving you a full clean. If you suffer from eczema and have never tried Almond Oil, I would highly recommend popping into a Neal’s Yard store and checking that out too!


L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil:
Shower oils are my new obsession, and this little beauty is where it started. Not a cheap one, but this shower oil is just the nicest texture and smells amazing! My bathroom also stays smelling like this all day, which isn’t a bad plus.

Rituals Yogi Flow:
I cannot express to you how good this smells. I’d say about 95% of why I use this product is the smell, and the other 5% is because it comes out as a kind of gel and foams up when you mix it with water into such a nice texture.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Oil:
Have you noticed my little obsession with shower oils by any chance? As with the La Roche-Posay products above though, this shower oil is great for everyday use, and smells lovely but is not too overpowering. Out of all of these, it also keeps my skin the most hydrated after use so I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has eczema.


So there you go, my secret pharmacy obsessions..! Let me know what you save up your Boots points for, or if you have any recommendations 🙂

Top 5 Lipstick Loves

The Everyday – Between the Sheets by Charlotte Tilbury
The most recent addition to my collection, Between the Sheets has immediately become my daily must-have, always in my bag for when my look needs a little pick me up. It’s the perfect ‘your lips but better.’

The Red Number – Cruella by Nars
Perfect for adding something fun to a simple look, and ideal for the festive season. This is the first red lipstick I have ever bought but I fell in love at first sight and it works perfectly with my strawberry blonde hair and pale skin.

The Winter Wonder – Creme Cup by Mac
All I wore over the winter season, this lipstick is perfectly cute and girly. Pretty sure this would be flattering on any skin type but it’s the perfect underestimated shade for my pale skin and lack of freckles in the winter. Creds to In the Frow for getting me hooked!IMG_0736

The Office Lip – Sex Machine by Nars
The first Nars product I ever bought, and have never looked back. This lipstick just adds a little sparkle to your look, and is perfect for the office as it stays all day!Image-1.jpg

The Evening Look – Lovelorn by Mac
Perfect for switching a work look into a fun evening look. Never thought I would be one for a bright pink lipstick but I have been absolutely addicted to this one since picking it up a few months back.IMG_0735

And here’s a sneaky Christmas polaroid featuring the Cruella lip pencil (:


High End Products Worth the ££

When it comes to high end beauty products, it takes me a long time to actually purchase any of them. I often find out about them from bloggers or bloggers, and then go to the shops to test them out at least two or three times before purchasing them.

When I comes to these two first products, I had been eyeing them for ages, and just couldn’t get myself to pick them up since they were so much more expensive than what I usually use. However, the Laguna Bronzer from Nars has so many amazing reviews and is such a staple in the blogger/vlogger world, that in the end I caved. I don’t regret it one bit because it has become a daily essential for me, and works so well with my skin tone. Not only that, but I love popping it into my bag because the mirror is so big so it’s perfect when topping up my makeup after work.

The Nars Orgasm Blush is another one that I’ve heard some great reviews about, but it looked so shiny in the shop that at first I wouldn’t even try it on. It wasn’t until someone helping me at Space NK insisted I try it on that I fell in love. For almost a week I came it at every lunch hour and tried it on, just to make sure that by the end of the day I still liked how it looked. I did. It’s a much darker shade of pink when applied to the skin, and a lot less shimmery that I expected it to be. I simply leaves a slight highlighted finish which I have now become obsessed with. IMG_0352

This next product was highly influenced by In The Frow’s Youtube channel. Her makeup tips often work well for me since I am quite pale, and her go to lipstick has been the Mac Creme Cup for years now. I think I first saw her talk about it back in 2013, and she still wears it in her videos quite regularly. I’ve been looking for a nude lipstick for a while, but they often wash me out and make me look a little sickly, whereas this colour is very pink and girly, so it gives a bit more life to my face, while still looking quite nude. I would highly recommend this to anyone struggling to find a nude lip, and it’s great for an everyday look.IMG_0355This one is a bit less of an everyday look for me, but a great way to transform my face when I’m going out after dinner. The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella is a bright, scarlet red, with a very slight blue undertone to it. It is easy to apply, doesn’t need a liner and lasts forever! Never chaps my lips either. I definitely think I will be bringing this one out very regularly when it comes to Christmas time!IMG_0356

Back to Mac, this eyebrow pencil absolutely saved my life! I struggle so much to find an eyebrow colour that suits me, that I relied on a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow for years! Since my eyebrows are completely blonde, I need a shade that matches my hair without looking too orange. I came across the Mac Veluxe Brow Liner in Strawberry Blonde one day by complete coincidence, and have never looked back. One side is a pencil and the other is a spoolie to brush it out. Comes in lots of shades and very easy to apply.

Finally, this last one is the Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Eye Wand. I was very unsure about this because I don’t usually touch up the skin under my eyes, always a little scared that it will look too cakey. This product however, is so soft and blends perfectly into the skin (it was also recommended by my mom). There are only 5 shades though, so I was quite lucky that shade 1 matches my skin perfectly. One side has a very soft eye cream that is meant to even out the skin, and the other side is a concealer that evens and brightens up the skin perfectly.


Hope you liked my top high end products, let me know what yours are!

What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Way too big and heavy, my makeup bag is my holy grail! I have collected odds and ends over the past couple years and now it’s just a big collection of my most used products, and favourites for transforming a work look into an evening look 🙂


A lot of these products come from my monthly Birchbox boxes. I love getting testers every month, and Birchbox sends a good mix of well known brands/products and new things that I’ve never heard of before. The Balance Me blemish control, Benefit Dream Screen (always good to have some safety sun cream!) and Benefit Blotter come from there. The bag that I carry my makeup in was from a summer ‘Birchbag’, and it’s getting a little small but I’m trying to hold onto it for as long as possible because it’s so cute!

Eyes: A few of the products in here are also samples that I have received from buying other products.

I use the Mac False Lashes mascara in extreme black sometimes to top up my makeup, but it is very strong so I only use it if I’m going out.

I also use an old Benefit eye liner which I love, and the fact that it’s a sample size makes it perfect for travelling. This one actually came from an eye shadow palette that I bought ages ago.

I also have the Benefit Roller Lash sample size in my bag (crazy I know, three mascaras!) and this one is a lot softer than the Mac one so nice to use every day. I don’t think I would buy the full size though, only because my go-to mascara for the past five years has been the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara. It lengthens, volumizes and doesn’t clump at all. I have repurchased this so many times and have never found a mascara that beats it, even comparing it to the higher end products I sometimes use.

A daily favourite of mine is using a white/beige eye liner on my bottom water line to open up my eyes a bit. The one I have here is a random Belgian one my mom gave me, but you can pick these up at any drugstore. This is always in my makeup bag because it’s a nice way to wake up my eyes a little if I’m going out after work.

Another way I brighten up my eyes is by using Benefit’s Mr. Frosty. This is a great product that, again, I’ve been wearing for years. It works as a brow bone highlighter, right under your eyebrow,  but I also often use it as an eyeshadow too. When I use it as an eyeshadow, I sometimes mix it with the Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil. This one is also a great one to apply if I’m trying to transform a work look into an evening look. I apply it as eyeliner and then smudge it.


Cheeks: I have two options of blush in my makeup bag, the first is a rosy pink Shu Uemura cream blush in soft pink. I love the shade of this, but have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of cream blushes.

A more fun, evening blush that I carry around is the Nars Orgasm blush (horrible name, I know!). It looks super shiny and bright at first, but gives a great pop of colour to your cheeks as well as a very subtle highlighting shimmer. This is by far one of my favourite blushes.

Lips: I go very up and down with lip products, I tend to get obsessed with lipsticks for a few months and then just never get around to wearing anything for a while after. When I’m not using lip products, I still always fall to Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. Their chapstick is something I have been using since I was a kid, and it’s the only chapstick that gives me a really smooth lip. I often use this as a lipstick primer, if I’m worried about it splitting.

An option that I use on a more everyday basis is the Clinique Chubby Baby Time in Coming Up Rosy. Its colour is not too strong, but still fun and brightens your lips.

A new favourite of mine is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker. Oddly, I use their darkest shade, because I think it makes my makeup look very finished and completes any look.

When I want to completely transform a look, my go-to lip product is the Nars Lip Pencil in Cruella. This is one of my favourite products ever, applies so easily, you don’t need a lip liner, and it lasts forever! It also doesn’t make my lips dry or sticky. I actually only splurged on this because I had a Space N.K. voucher, but I’m so glad I did!

Finally, my makeup bag always has a mini Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer. The one I am currently using is in Japanese Cherry Blossom, but I stock up on as many scents as possible every time I go to the states, it’s an all time favourite!! If you can’t get it delivered to the UK, keep an eye out on Amazon because they sometimes pop up!

Hope you’ve enjoyed, and let me know what you think!

Neal’s Yard Almond Oil

I’ve been struggling with eczema for the past few years. It randomly started while I was at Uni, mostly under my eyes and then spread around them. That’s where it’s usually most painful, but it does pop up every once in a while on my hands or other places on my face.
My skin doctor prescribed me some of the usual steroid cream for it, and a sort of placebo cream so that I could wean myself off the steroid cream when the eczema stopped appearing. This worked for a little while but eventually I couldn’t go two or three days without the steroid cream before the eczema returned.
I’ve tried all sorts of sensitive skin creams, E45s, eye creams and even cream especially made for eczema and some would help prevent the eczema from getting worse but not for long.
Randomly, my mom recently when to our Belgian doctor for a skin irritation that she couldn’t get rid of. Weirdly enough, the doctor said that actually sweet almond oil, which is usually used as a massage oil, should be able to clear it up. She tried it, and the irritation was gone within days, and she immediately recommended I try it.
I’ve been a big fan of Neal’s Yard Remedies for years, and so on my search for almond oil, it was my first stop. The lady in the store was really helpful and showed me straight to the sweet almond oil, and even mentioned that her mother uses it as a makeup remover. It was £9.50 but the bottle was quite big – 100ml – so I’m hoping it will last me a long time.IMG_8002

After putting my night cream on that evening, I added a little of the oil to a cotton pad and dabbed it around where the eczema usually appears. I was a bit reluctant at first because it’s a very thick, oily substance and it felt a bit heavy on my skin. However, it was really worth it. The next morning, the eczema had noticeably gone down, and my eyes were so much less itchy and dry for the whole day. I would very much recommend this to anyone suffering from eczema, or even dry skin. Supposedly Jennifer Aniston uses it as a body moisturiser!

Lush Favourites

Since I started working I’ve been finding lots of new ways to relax after a long day. My favourite so far: glass of wine, bubble bath, Scandal.

This is why I thought it might be time to walk you all through my must have Lush products.

I’ve been using Lush since I moved to Brighton in 2010 and have slowly found my favourite go to shopping basket.

They also have some really cool seasonal products that only come round at certain times of the year, like the Christmas Present I told you about over the holidays, so I’ll make sure to keep you updated about those when they come round!

 Karma Soap:

This was my first Lush love. It makes my whole bathroom smell amazing, and it even comes in a bubble bar which I always have crumbled somewhere at the bottom of my bath box! The Karma scent is so special, it always makes me feel like I’m that bit closer to an exotic holiday.

 Avobath Bomb:

This one is probably my favourite bath bomb that they sell. Although it’s not as fun as some of the ones with crazy shapes and colours, it smells so nice and fresh without being to citrus-y and turns the bath into a lovely light green. It also doesn’t dry out my skin which I’ve had with some bath products in the past so I would recommend this to any other eczema sufferers out there. This one really is perfect for my Shonda Rhimes evenings 🙂

 You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt:

Another great one for after a long day, this one also has one of my favourite scents, and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft. It’s full of mango butter and cocoa butter so it’s super hydrating. I sometimes break it in half – wouldn’t necessarily recommend this though, it’s honestly just because I want it to last as long as possible!

Sex Bomb:

I actually bought this one as a joke for my brother but ended up keeping it because it was so lovely! It smells like jasmine and is meant to ease stress and anxiety. A bath in general does that to me, to be honest, but a bright pink bath that smells heavenly – why not?


Pink pink pink! This adorable bath bomb is exactly what it says: twilight. A light pink outer shell dissolves and turns your bath darker and darker until it’s purple! So calming and relaxing, this is definitely one for before bed, or if you’re not feeling well. Meant to be full of essential oils too

Dragon’s Egg :

would recommend this one for a morning bath – it’s so fun and sizzly, with tons of colours inside so it’s really just a happy bath bomb J Perfect for a difficult wake up!

Test these out and let me know what you think! 🙂

Favourite Facial Products

Today I thought I would show you my go-to facial products. As you know, I can get pretty picky with this kind of thing because of my eczema, but these are my favourites that have been tried and tested again and again:

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash
There’s nothing better than starting your day with a refreshing face wash! This one goes above and beyond because not only is it PINK and happy but it smells so fresh and has never let me down.

No. 7 Essential Moisture
As moisturisers go, I get pretty picky because of my eczema. No. 7 products have really become a go-to for me because they’re hypo-allergenic without being those boring creams my dermatologist gives me. I use their Essential Moisture night and day creams and I’m really happy with them, only £9 too!

Nivea Creme
I don’t even know how to start with this one. It is no joke my life saver. My mom used to use this on my when I was little, and I now use it for everything, even as a makeup remover! I can’t even use normal makeup removers anymore because they just don’t work as well. Please please if you don’t already use this, TRY IT!

Avène Lotion Micellaire
I’m happy with any Avène cleanser to be honest, but at the moment I’m using the micellar lotion cleanser, which is just so soft and calming and smells nice too. My mom recommended this one to me a few months back and I can’t see any time soon where I didn’t use this anymore.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
During the rough winter months, my skin really starts to dry out and play tricks on me. This is one of those miracle products that I use about once a week, and it just refreshes my skin overnight! You also have to use so little of it (I mix in a couple drops with my night cream) that it lasts forever!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+]
Finally, for those certain times of the month where your skin, along with everything else, hates you a little (if you didn’t get that: PMS) my go-to product is Effaclar Duo+. I found this at my pharmacy in Belgium and very quickly got hooked, so thank god they sell in at Boots! You have to be careful because it can dry out your skin if you use it too much, but for those times where pimples are just showing up everywhere and you might just be tempted to call in sick, try this!

Morning Make-Up Routine

Even though I like trying new make-up pretty regularly, when it comes to my daily makeup favourites, it’s mostly the same thing I’ve been wearing since I was about 16.
Here’s a list of my all time favourites:

Pore Minimising SmashBox Primer
Let’s start with an exception! This is something I’ve only recently started using, but being a big fan of SmashBoxes primers, I made an exception that definitely paid off! This primer smoothes out your skin and minimises pores without drying your skin out. It also keeps your makeup looking fresh for much longer than usual, just as well as the normal SmashBox primer. I’m also a big fan of the Bare Minerals Prime Time primer but this one just goes above and beyond. Definitely a makeup essential.


Bare Escentuals
Here’s an example of something I fell in love with at 16 and my love has never wavered. I’ve tried liquid foundations, different powder brands, even some that I regret spending so much money on. I still always go back to Bare Escentuals because it’s got such a natural finished look, brightens up your face, and I’ve never had any reactions to it which is surprising because I often get eczema under my eyes that’s very sensitive to what products I use.

I start with the Fairly Light Foundation, then add warmth under my cheeks, put the Mineral Veil on top and then add their ‘Amused Rouge’ blush at the end. During the summer when I get a (slight) tan, I often mix the fairly light with the medium which has a pinker undertone that I like.


Benefit BrowZings
I’ve been using BrowZings since the day it came out, and it’s been my best friend ever since. Being a redhead, I have very blonde eyebrows and eyelashes so I basically have to paint them on completely while keeping it natural. The light BrowZings lets me choose the exact shade I want my eyebrows to be and comes with shaping wax so that you can smooth it out and it lasts all day. It even comes with a cute little pair of tweezers!

IMG_7513 IMG_7514

Speed Brow
I don’t use this on a daily basis, but always have it in my handbag when I just need a little touchup. I always use the brush to lift all my eyebrow hairs up, then smooth them over and shape them. This gives them just enough colour to brighten up my makeup without making my eyebrows look cakey.


Bourjois Ultra Black Eye Pencil

Another all time favourite that I’ve been using forever, the Bourjois eyeliner is easy to smudge and style while staying in place for the whole day. Also helps that it’s really easy to find at any pharmacy!


Rimmel Scandal Eyes
This is my all time favourite mascara! Gives so much volume and length, I cannot recommend it enough. It also comes in an ‘extremely black’ shade then I pop out when going out after work. Must buy.


Burt’s Bees Rose Tinted Lip Balm
Burt’s Bees is one of my favourite brands so I’ll probably blog about their products quite a bit. I use their basic chapstick all the time, and even love their hand creams and bath salts. I have two of these tinted lip balms, one with my makeup and one in my handbag. It’s red enough that you could wear it on a night out, but not too red that you look too dressed up for work. Give it a go, let me know what you think!


Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick
Here’s my second lipstick option that I always have on me. It’s almost like a dark nude, and again, is right with any occasion. Ive been using this one for years and am completely obsessed. (all chubbys are amazing in my book)


Finished look:

Michael and Elise-61